Hot topics in IBD: live, post-congress digest with the experts

Wednesday 20th October 2021
17:00-18:00 CEST

The Event

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Hot topics in IBD: live, post-congress digest with the experts

Join us for a live, online discussion on the key IBD data from UEG Week Virtual 2021 with Professors Iris Dotan and Edouard Louis. 

Don’t miss this lively discussion on hot-off-the-press data from UEG Week. Gain insights directly from the experts as they consider how the latest research can help answer key questions in ulcerative colitis care. The session will examine the relevance of new data in clinical practice and explore how these updates relate to a holistic approach to remission for our patients with UC. Make sure to join us live for the chance to ask the experts your questions during the Q&A session!



Professor Iris Dotan
Director, Division of Gastroenterology, Rabin Medical Center, Petah Tikva, Israel

Prof. Iris Dotan’s research interests lie in biomarker-based stratification of patients with IBD, personalised treatment and care, biologics, and novel therapies. Her translational research explores mucosal immunology, focussing on the interactions of intestinal epithelial cells and mucosal lymphocytes with their environment. She is Past President of the Israeli Association of Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases, Vice Chair of the International Organization for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IOIBD), a member of ECCO and the Scientific Committee of UEG, and the founder of the Israeli IBD Research Nucleus.

Professor Edouard Louis
Professor of Gastroenterology and Head of the Gastroenterology, Liège University Hospital, Liège, Belgium

Prof. Edouard Louis is widely published in gastroenterology and his scientific work has contributed to over 300 papers in international journals. He has served as General Secretary of the Belgian Society of Gastroenterology, President of the Belgian IBD Research Group and Chair of the Scientific Committee of ECCO. Prof. Louis is a board member of and is Past President and Vice President of GETAID (Groupe d’Etude Thérapeutique des Affections Inflammatoires Digestives), and is Associate Editor of the Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis. 


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