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UEG Week 2022
8–11 October 2022

Galapagos @ UEG Week 2022


Galapagos is proud to be a sponsor of United European Gastroenterology (UEG) Week 2022, one of the biggest events in the gastroenterology calendar!

Don’t miss out — join us as we travel ‘JAK to the future’ in our discussion-focussed symposium, where we will be exploring how a new era of opportunities for treatment choice might change the future for your patients with ulcerative colitis (UC).

We look forward to seeing you, both in person in Vienna and virtually, for a hybrid UEG Week 2022!


Date: 10 October, 2022
Time: 12:30–13:30 CEST
Venue: Strauss 2


JAK to the future: a patient-centric choice in UC

We are bringing together Professors Ailsa Hart, Raja Atreya and Alessandro Armuzzi face to face in Vienna, as well as virtually, for this hybrid Galapagos-sponsored satellite symposium at UEG Week 2022.
  • Interested in integrating advances in oral treatment options into your practice for moderate-to-severe UC?
  • Want to gain practical guidance and discuss real-world experiences about the appropriate use of JAK inhibitors?
  • Keen to know what the experts think about how JAK inhibitors can influence the management of moderate-to-severe UC?

Make sure to join our internationally renowned panel as they discuss these topics, share their experiences from the clinic and answer your questions.

We look forward to welcoming you at 12:30 CEST in meeting room Strauss 2 and online!

This symposium has been funded and organised by Galapagos.
This symposium is intended for an international audience, and is not affiliated with UEG.

Symposium Speakers

Professor Ailsa Hart (Chair)
St Mark’s Hospital and St Mark’s Academic Institute, London, UK

Ailsa Hart, MD, PhD, is a consultant gastroenterologist at St Mark’s Hospital and Sub-Dean of St Mark’s Academic Institute. After studying medicine at the University of Oxford, Prof. Hart gained her PhD from Imperial College London, funded by a Wellcome Trust fellowship. She has published widely in clinical, translational and basic science aspects of IBD research, and is a member of the Governing Board of the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation, the IBD Clinical Research Group for the British Society of Gastroenterology, and the International Organization for the Study of IBD.

Professor Raja Atreya
University Hospital Erlangen, Erlangen, Germany

Raja Atreya, MD, is Professor of Translational Immunology in IBD at the University of Erlangen–Nuremberg, as well as Head of the IBD Unit, Outpatient Clinic and Clinical Study Centre at University Hospital Erlangen. His work focusses on identifying response predictors and resistance mechanisms to biological therapies in IBD. His career has been well decorated — he received the Theodor Frerichs Award from the German Society of Internal Medicine, the Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize for Young Researchers from the Paul Ehrlich Foundation and the Rising Star Award from UEG.

Professor Alessandro Armuzzi
IBD Center, Humanitas Research Hospital, Humanitas University, Milan, Italy

Alessandro Armuzzi, MD, PhD, leads the IBD Center at the Humanitas Research Hospital in Milan, Italy. He gained his MD from the University of Bologna, Italy, and completed his internal medicine and gastroenterology training at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome, Italy, before training in IBD at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK. Prof. Armuzzi is widely published in IBD; his research includes genetics, diagnostic modalities to assess disease activity, clinical prediction and outcome, the design and conduct of multicentre real-world trials and advanced therapy.

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Posters are available via QR codes as soon as they are presented at UEGW (please see presentation times below).
Stefan Schreiber, Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, Toshifumi Hibi, Louis Dron, Sichen Liu, Claus A. Andersen, Alessandra Oortwijn, Haridarshan Patel, Brian Feagan
Poster Number: MP443 
Date: Tuesday, October 11
Presentation time: 14:12 – 14:18
Session: Response prediction in IBD - Moderated Poster

Brian Feagan, Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, Edouard Louis, Virginia Taliadouros, Franck-Olivier Le Brun, Alessandra Oortwijn, Haridarshan Patel, Angela de Haas, Tadakazu Hisamatsu
Poster Number: MP447
Date: Tuesday, October 11
Presentation time: 14:36 – 14:42
Session: Response prediction in IBD - Moderated Poster

Edouard Louis, Brian Feagan, Tadakazu Hisamatsu, Virginia Taliadouros, Rob Jongen, Alessandra Oortwijn, Carole Van der Donckt, Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet
Poster Number: P0353
Date: Sunday, October 9
Session: E-Poster Session - Science Lounge

Fernando Magro, Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, Gerhard Rogler, Alessandra Oortwijn, Haridarshan Patel, Angela de Haas, Eva Santermans, Haoyao Ruan, Louis Dron, Brian Feagan
Poster Number: P0488
Date: Sunday, October 9
Session: E-Poster Session - Science Lounge

Stefan Schreiber, Maya H. Buch, Xavier Mariette, Gerd R. Burmester, Christina Charles-Schoeman, Vijay Rajendran, Nadia Verbruggen, Agustin Cerani, Paul Van Hoek, Katrien Van Beneden, Alessandra Oortwijn, Yoshiya Tanaka, Ennio Giulio Favalli, Hendrik Schulze-Koops, René Westhovens, Severine Vermeire
Poster Number: P0418
Date: Sunday, October 9
Session: E-Poster Session - Science Lounge

Jordi Rimola, Krisztina Gecse, Adrian Serone, Jean-Frederic Colombel, Geert R. D'Haens, Tomasz Masior , Matt McKevitt, Xuehan Ren, David A. Schwartz, Walter Reinisch
Poster Number: P0292
Date: Sunday, October 9
Session: E-Poster Session - Science Lounge

Kenji Watanabe, Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, Silvio Danese, Kahaku Emoto, Yasushi Fujitani, Franck-Olivier Le Brun, Alessandra Oortwijn, Tomohiro Ueno, James O. Lindsay, Gerhard Rogler, Toshifumi Hibi
Poster Number: P0428
Date: Sunday, October 9
Session: E-Poster Session - Science Lounge


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