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The RTA journal club series discuss interesting papers of recent studies in the field complete with expert opinion and interpretation of the results

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Pathophysiology and molecular pathways in RA

Job code: GL-RA-NA-202104-00027
Date of preparation: April 2021

Duration: 56:10 min.

Prof Kunihiro Yamaoka  
Kitasato University, Tokyo, Japan

Kunihiro Yamaoka is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Rheumatology and Infectious Diseases at Kitasato University. His major interest is in translational research, currently investigating the possibility of using JAK inhibitors in non-RA diseases and novel pathways that relate to the disease activity of RA.

Comorbidities in patients with RA

Job code: GL-RA-NA-202105-00001
Date of preparation: May 2021

Duration: 01:01:48 hrs

Dr Alejandro Balsa
Hospital Universitario La Paz, Madrid, Spain

Alejandro Balsa is Professor of Rheumatology at the Autonomous University of Madrid and Head of the Rheumatology Unit at Hospital Universitario La Paz. He has participated in multiple funded research projects and has published more than 200 scientific articles in international journals, as well as being a board member of both the research unit of Hospital Universitario La Paz and the Spanish Society of Rheumatology (SER).

Remote Rheumatology

Job code: GL-RA-NA-202107-00002
Date of preparation: July 2021

Duration: 01:02:10 hrs

Prof Janet Pope
Western University, London, Ontario, Canada

Janet Pope is Professor of Medicine in the Division of Rheumatology at Western University, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. She is also the Division Head in Rheumatology at St. Joseph’s Health Care, London, Ontario. Dr Pope has published over 500 peer-reviewed articles, 300 abstracts and several Cochrane meta-analysis reviews, as well as mentored over 100 students and trainees.


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