Marieke Pierik

Professor of Gastroenterology-Hepatology


Marieke Pierik

Professor of Gastroenterology-Hepatology

Maastricht University Medical Centre+, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Marieke Pierik MD PhD studied medicine at the University of Leuven, Belgium and trained as a gastroenterologist at the University Medical Center Gasthuisberg in Leuven. In 2006 she gained her PhD for genetic research in IBD with a focus on the effect of new medicines, and she joined Maastricht UMC+ in 2007. With over 300 publications, her IBD research focuses on the disease course, real-world data, markers of disease activity and the role of diet and the gut microbiome. Professor Pierik is a member of the European Microscopic Colitis Group, and has been a member of the ECCO board.

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